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Bike Beautiful

About this Poster

This piece initially started with my curiosity around the idea of naked bike rides— something that has blown up over the past several years. It’s interesting because people and bikes are each intricate machines, but one is entirely mechanical while the other is completely organic. I wanted to showcase the beauty of the natural world alongside the purity of the human form, which is physically connected to the both the bike frame and the earth itself.

18.0″ x 24.0
French Paper, Construction, Tile Green
3-color screen print

Meet Logan Faerber

Boston, Massachusetts USA

I’m a designer and illustrator currently working at Raizlabs. I’ve an affinity for literature and toys, and anything else that keeps me young. This includes body checking children in the local Target just to get the latest action figure. I also make it a priority to stay curious and educated on an assortment of current topics such as human rights, world wild life, and politics. It’s important for me to contribute to the world in a positive fashion so that I can be proud of what I give back.

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Back Story

design process image
Purity and Spring

I began sketching around the idea of natural beauty, biking beautiful, and a sense of purity. Once I had a few quick digital sketches I worked right on top of my preferred sketch inside Photoshop. I had a general palette selected based on the feeling of purity and spring I wanted to achieve, but after doing a few tests with transparent inks I landed on having a forest with depth using only 3 colors.

design process image
Stylistic Expression

Bicycles have always interested me and have allowed me to travel to friends' houses, commute to work, get exercise and express my style. There’s a beauty to their design that remains entirely unique. They’re intricate devices that retain a mechanical quality within such a digital age.

design process image
Head Space

I really love riding my bike in the woods or on back roads in order to separate myself from the stresses of the world. When I’m riding, I feel even more connected to the earth than when I’m walking or running. Something about the fluidity of motion really helps to clear my mind. This  gives me a space in my own head when I can’t take time away from work or other obligations.