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Live Free and Ride Hard

About this Poster

Biking has a very distinct posture associated with it and I wanted to capture that without ever having to depict a bicycle. I've also been really digging rough, textured and stylized art that is in the vein of Jamie Hewlett with Tank Girl, so this was a bit of an honorary piece of that; the jacket, helmet and overall style. I also wanted to experiment with a muted pink palette on pink paper, so this have me an perfect opportunity to try out some methods.

24.0″ x 18.0
French Paper, Kraft-Tone, Memo Orange Kraft
3-color screen print

Back Story

design process image
Doing It Live

I did a few initial sketches of a punk looking girl on a bike. One where she is the focus like the final piece, but the other one used her silhouette as a window into a biking scene. The original sketch was then brought to an Adobe Live drawing event I was the guest of and I conducted color studies live, which was a lot of fun and helped to get people's feedback immediately.

design process image
Stylistic Expression

Bicycles have always interested me and have allowed me to travel to friends' houses, commute to work, get exercise and express my style. There’s a beauty to their design that remains entirely unique. They’re intricate devices that retain a mechanical quality within such a digital age.

design process image
Head Space

I really love riding my bike in the woods or on back roads in order to separate myself from the stresses of the world. When I’m riding, I feel even more connected to the earth than when I’m walking or running. Something about the fluidity of motion really helps to clear my mind. This  gives me a space in my own head when I can’t take time away from work or other obligations.