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L'Hiver Arrive

About this Poster

A year ago I did a spring goddess poster for ARTCRANK called "Le Printemps Arrive." This is the next piece of the series, and is my interpretation of a winter goddess getting her fat tire bike out for the first ride of winter.

18.0″ x 24.0
French Paper, Construction, Pure White
3-color screen print

Meet Courtney Thomas

Minneapolis, Minnesota USA

I'm an artist and illustrator working in Minneapolis, Minnesota. I specialize in fantastical, feminine imagery. When I'm not drawing, I can usually be found reading comic books, daydreaming, or sipping bourbon. Sometimes all three.

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Back Story

design process image
Traditional Style

I work in a very traditional style. I start with sketches and line art on tracing paper for each of the color layers. I scan those into my computer, and then clean up and color the layers in Photoshop.

design process image
The Hidden City

I love biking through Minneapolis and exploring the hidden areas of the city that you can't get to in a car. Minnesota has so many beautiful trails, and I've been struck by inspiration on many rides.

design process image
Golden Fox

The coolest thing about my poster? The fox. And the gold ink.