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Cycling Velociraptor

About this Poster

I wanted to create a series of prints that would appeal to boys. All boys, young and old love dinosaurs, especially the velociraptor. However, the dinosaurs needed something to do, so, I gave them toys and sports such as football, tennis, cricket, rugby and cycling.

23.399999618530273″ x 16.5
John Purcell Paper, Heritage, White
3-color screen print

Back Story

design process image
No Looking Back

I have always been creative, I love making things. I took a course in screen printing six years ago and have never looked back. I am always brimming with ideas for new prints, just need to find time to print them all.

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Disappear Into Imagination

As a child I had my own bike, it was blue. I loved the freedom it gave me — I could disappear for hours on my bike, riding off down country lanes and across fields disappearing into the world of my own imagination.

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Just Say Yes

The best advice I’ve ever gotten: “Never say no to an opportunity, you never know what it might lead to.”