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Bike geometry is so simple, yet the experience that bikes create can be so complex. I wanted to illustrate that dichotomy.

24.0″ x 18.0
Cardstock, Light Grey
3-color screen print

Meet Melissa Breitenfeldt

Minneapolis, Minnesota USA

Skulls, animals, & bikes can signify different things across cultures, yet we all share the ability to emotionally respond. This shared experience can connect us without words. With a growing complexity of fast change, we live two lives, on and offline. Connecting to each other and simplifying our lives is difficult. Images of these symbols create positive conversations that connect us. Drawing from this shared positivism, I develop systems of marks to create a multicultural visual language.

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Back Story

design process image
A New Angle

The composition works both horizontally and vertically.

design process image
By The Numbers

If you want to be a valuable designer, get good at accounting.

design process image
Relating To Bikes

The thing that I like about bikes (in general) is that everyone has their own bike story and can then relate to each other in some way.