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About this Poster

There are a couple bikes parked next to my desk, and I was just staring at how the bike's wheels overlapped. That started me on playing with these overlays of colored wheels and circles.

18.0″ x 24.0
Strathmore, White
2-color screen print

Meet Marian Chiao + Martin Grasser

San Francisco

We are two independent designers and collaborators. We had gone to school (ArtCenter) together and from that, have similar views on design and a love for grids and typography. Now we both work mainly in branding and identity design.

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Back Story

design process image
Back and Forth

Marty and I passed sketches back and forth for awhile, trying out different concepts. We landed on this one, and worked on finding the right colors to get the overlay to look almost black. We love this warm red-orange and bright blue combination.

design process image
Bay Area Meltdown

It was the hottest week in San Francisco when our posters were being printed. A couple days before the posters were due, we got a call that the inks wouldn't dry it was so hot. The printers figured-out a workaround with a different ink and after a rushed reprint in the early morning, we were able to get the posters delivered, but just on time.

design process image
Like A Kid

I don't ride much, but it's very nostalgic when I do. Makes me feel like a kid again every time.