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Early Morning Ride

About this Poster

I sat down and scribbled down some notes about cycling and London and my initial thoughts began to focus on the environment, traffic congestion, friendship and freedom of cycling. I then just needed to find a way to visualise and bring those thoughts together.

16.5″ x 23.375
Colorplan Paper, Natural
3-color screen print

Meet Mark Frudd

Leeds, England

Husband, Father, Brother, Illustrator, Cyclist



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Back Story

design process image
Elements in Balance

I did a few sketches to work out the composition and balance out the elements. Once happy it was time to get onto the computer and work out the structure. Choice of colour helped to develop the structure and balance and create some depth to the piece. 

design process image
Overlapping Colours

I overlapped the colours to create new colours and removed colour to define highlight areas. Once I was happy I handed my Photoshop file over to the printer, we made a few tweaks before he went ahead and produced the final prints.

design process image
Welcome Back

Being invited to produce a piece of work for ARTCRANK was probably the coolest thing. Plus it was my first screenprint since college, which was years and years ago.