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Fast Food

About this Poster

The focus behind my poster design is the bicycle food delivery riders paying particular attention to those who do it to get out there and ride, and ride fast. The message is simple, fitness through cycling, burning the calories the end consumer will be piling on!

16.5″ x 23.399999618530273
G.F Smith Paper, Colorplan, Natural
4-color screen print

Meet Mark Frudd

Leeds, England

I'm ginger, wear glasses and a hat, among other things. Have been working within the creative industry for over 20 years and love to draw. It's all I've ever wanted to do.

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Back Story

design process image
The Best Times

I used to love watching Le Tour on TV with my dad in the ‘80s. I was more of a BMXer back then and would build ramps out on the street with my friends. Good times.

design process image
Nothing Else Matters

Being an illustrator is the only thing I've ever felt I wanted to do, nothing else grabbed me at school. It's an escape in a way when I'm focused on drawing or creating something, nothing else matters.

design process image
Bacon Exception

I had a kidney stone a couple of years ago and the doctor advised me to stop eating meat. Apart from the odd bacon sandwich, I haven't eaten meat since then and it's opened up a whole new menu of choice that I wouldn't have looked for before.