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City & Cyclist One

About this Poster

I'd ridden in London as a part of the strange enthusiast / courier / bike polo scene there for a number of years. I feel that led to this idea of the cyclist looking over his city as an empowered figure.
Note: This poster is a first edition print from our 2011 Interbike show.

16.5″ x 23.5
Cyclus Paper, Recycled, Natural
2-color screen print

Meet Matt Giordano-Bibby

Sheffield, United Kingdom

Since 2002 I've worked for a wide field of globally renowned branded retailers, denim, sports and streetwear labels and trend focused magazine publications. I provide trend and direction forecasting, trim and branding design and development, range building; garment, print and pattern design and product development. I also design the odd poster.

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Back Story

design process image
Nasty Halftones, Bang On

I really wanted to do a warm and textured piece after doing mostly "flat" screen-printed posters so I developed a technique with Sharpies that scanned in to Photoshop real nice. Rupert at APG Works here in Sheffield pulled the prints for me. He's a legend and managed to get all my nasty halftones to look bang on.

design process image
Bikes For Every Occasion

I've almost got a bike for all occasions, from the fixed gear hack, several variations for bike polo up to the fair-weather road bike. My love of cycling lead me to get involved with putting on London's very first ARTCRANK show back in 2010 with Chris Verbick and Laura Kim. I saw what Charles and ARTCRANK were doing in the US and couldn't believe that London didn't have that. 

design process image
A Little Unique

As with most of my side projects this was a nail biter as to whether it would meet the deadline. Due to the design having a lot of real fine halftones for warmth each print is slightly different to its brothers and sisters giving each a unique quality.