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Missing Mittens

About this Poster

I wanted to capture a classic cold-climate biking experience: the “I should have worn gloves” ride. I think most bikers can relate to that first chilly morning commute or windy fall day when the changing of the seasons really catches you by surprise.

18.0″ x 24.0
French Paper, Pop-Tone, Berrylicious
2-color screen print

Meet Sean Quinn

Minneapolis, Minnesota USA

I’m an ‘art kid’ turned graphic designer with a tendency to take my Spotify playlists too seriously. You can usually find me drawing at a coffeeshop, attempting to play guitar, or exploring the north woods. I also moonlight as a permaculture designer, meaning I use design thinking to create sustainable landscapes, gardens, and food systems.

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Back Story

design process image
Get The Chills

I really get a sense of the cold when I look at this poster. The wind whipping the leaves and the rider’s hair, her nose slightly scrunched as she risks a no-handed coast to warm up a bit. It makes me want to cuddle up and be cozy.

design process image
Ideas That Last

I actually get a lot of ideas about permaculture projects when I bike. You cover so much ground and see so many plants and ecological systems that you can start to see natural patterns emerge. Observing and understanding those patterns are a huge part of how permaculture designers create sustainable landscapes.

design process image
Doing It The Hard Way

Fun Bike Fact: I finished second in my age class at my first triathlon on a single-speed gravel bike. I definitely got a few odd looks on those hill climbs.