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Bebe The Destroyer

About this Poster

My cat inspires me every day. She inspired both this poster and my poster in the 2015 ARTCRANK MSP show poster. She's still pretty young and mischievous, but doesn't hold a lot of malice; violence is just how she interacts with the things she's interested in, and that's how she's interacting with that poor bike.

24.0″ x 18.0
Basis Paper, Antique, Coral
3-color screen print

Meet Meher Khan

Twin Cities, Minnesota USA

I work as both a designer and an illustrator, but my personal projects usually feature a lot of intricate illustration. I tend to include subjects I personally love and represent them as cherished and intelligent, and I often include some subversive humor.

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Back Story

design process image
Technical Printing Stuff

I always start with a lot of thinking and drawing my piece by hand. After inking it, I scan it in and make minimal edits to it digitally; I use Photoshop mainly as a tool to choose colors for my paper and image, then separate out the layers by color. Then there's a lot of technical printing stuff which I usually do in my parents' basement (this sometimes goes horribly wrong for me and then I call the professionals: Mason Sklar of Your Friends Studio printed my posters for me this year!).

design process image
All The Best People Do

Most of my favorite people ride bikes, so bikes have all my associated affection. I don't typically ride one as part of the creative process, but that's a good idea! I should try it.

design process image
The Coolest Cat

I learn a ton about the printing process every time I print something new. But the coolest thing about this poster is definitely Bebe. She's the coolest cat I know.