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Following The Fields

About this Poster

Growing up in Minnesota, family rides would end up in the cornfields outside of the city. Using aerial field patterns as inspiration, I wanted to combine abstracted type with the feeling of following my Dad into the cornfields of Southeast Minnesota.

18.0″ x 24.0
Stonehenge Paper, Cotton, Fawn
3-color screen print

Meet Magdalena Panetta

Minneapolis, Minnesota USA

I am a designer and printmaker on the road to finding the perfect design gig. My favorite work is creating band posters for the free tickets to the show. When I’m not getting messy in the print studio, I’m staying cool in ice rinks where I teach figure skating like a true Minnesotan. I am exceptionally good at eating pasta and addicted to chartreuse.

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Back Story

design process image
Can't Fight The Color

This was my first time using a gloss overprint, but I have used this color palette a million times. If you know me, it unequivocally screams my name, and I ain't fighting it anymore.

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Make Mom Proud

With a designer mother, I was drawing on a computer before I could write my name. I strive to create things with purpose and make my mom proud while doing it.

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Bike With Personality

When I was 13, I bought a cheap Schwinn, took it apart, spray painted it purple with orange polka-dots, and put it back together. Let's just say I knew nothing about bike parts, but at least it had personality.