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Sky Has Spoken

About this Poster

I love that mountain biking allows you to get to some uniquely beautiful areas from vantage points only seen due to getting off yer butt and going riding. An epic sunset on a lake is one highlight that I've enjoyed and wanted to capture that moment of joy in an easily identifiable and simple visual form, thus 'Sky has Spoken.'

23.125″ x 17.5
Neenah Paper, Astrobrights, Eclipse Black
3-color screen print

Meet Matt Pfahlert / The Silent P

Western North Carolina USA

Somebody else's words taken from an article: "The interesting thing about Matt Pfahlert's work is that, from one poster to another it is not that easy to guess it's the same guy who did both. By that I mean that Matt can use a wide range of styles depending on what he wants to show and express, and the result is, (at times) everytime, great!" (Parentheses mine. Also, full disclosure; gave a fiver for the quote.)

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Back Story

design process image
All Sorts Of Inspiration

I'm inspired by music, traveling to new places and tacos...REALLY good tacos. My mortgage is inspiring. Family inspires me: My dad worked for Chiat Day back in the Madmen era, and my uncle is Joseph Kosuth, a conceptual artist whose work includes typography, photography, letterforms, neon and has always been influential to me.


design process image
Split Fountain Action

We used a cool printing technique called "split fountain" where two different colored inks are printed simultaneously on a screen, creating an amazingly smooth gradient effect. See it in action!

design process image
Did Not See That Coming

Riding fast in the woods is ultimately part of the creative process, since it requires focus and helps me forget about stress, which in turn opens up the mind to new ideas and thoughts and HOLYCRAPI'MGONNAHITATREEEEEAAAARRRG!