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The Biker

About this Poster

I wanted this poster to be all about the bike. Once I decided to have a mouse be the main character, I wanted to design a bike that captured the outdoors. I found that a frame bike easily translates into all natural materials — tree slices, wood slabs, and branches.

24.0″ x 18.0
American Masters, Natural
1-color woodcut print

Meet Nancy Ariza

Minneapolis, Minnesota USA

I'm a printmaker and educator based in Minneapolis. My works consists of illustrative woodcut prints featuring anthropomorphic critters. When I'm not printing or teaching, I enjoy hiking, biking, and traveling. 

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Back Story

design process image
Go-To Trails

Biking is a definitely part of my creative process. I have a couple of go-to park trails that I bike and always find inspiration. It allows me to escape and take in the natural world around me.



design process image
Working Through Mistakes

I enjoy creating clean and graphic woodcut prints. I like not having complete control over the medium and working through mistakes. Carving a block can be very relaxing and helps me clear my head. 


design process image
Go, Buster, Go!

In my spare time, I like to enter my Miniature Dachshund, Buster, in wiener dog races.