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Night Ride II

About this Poster

The quintessential spirit of biking in Minnesota.

18.5″ x 24.75
French Paper, Pop-Tone, Blu Raspberry
1-color metallic foil

Meet Ross Bruggink

Minneapolis, Minnesota USA

I am an artist and designer with a knack for cribbage and an appreciation for gardening. My work often features natural elements balanced through simplicity, geometric shapes, and stylization.

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Back Story

design process image
Feeling Minnesota

The main components of the concept were developed with pencil and paper. As I fine-tuned the design digitally, small iterations were applied to create better visual balance, and a more pronounced Minnesota silhouette. 

design process image
Score One For Fresh Starts

I knew I wanted to invest in a gold foil print, but I was dissatisfied with how my initial concept was turning out. Discarding the concept and starting fresh, I spent an evening sketching and came up with this design. 

design process image
Scheming On Two Wheels

Biking provides quiet, solitary moments to evaluate the numerous schemes running through my mind.