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Look to the Streets

About this Poster

This poster was inspired by the individuals who make up the bike community around the Twin Cities. The idea was to get a flavor of that into the poster.

18.0″ x 24.0
French Paper, Muscletone, Sweet Tooth
3-color screen print

Meet Nate Geon Johannes

Minneapolis, Minnesota USA

I express my ideas, thoughts and passions to the world through clean lines, intriguing typography, and patterns that have evolved from modern influences. I feel as comfortable using a mouse as I do using a pencil.

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Back Story

design process image
The Looser The Better

My process started with getting down a bunch of very rough thumbnail sketches: These were done very quickly, the looser the better, just to get the ideas out of my head. 

design process image
Put Down That Mouse

Once I had an idea I dug, I placed the sketch into Illustrator and began to build the shapes and forms. When the design was finished I put down my mouse and grabbed my squeegee. 

design process image
Funny How That Works

Turning the gears on the bike helps to turn in the ones in my head.