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Peaceful Ride

About this Poster

My absolute favorite part of winter is that feeling of peace and serenity that comes with venturing out into a fresh, gently drifting, late night snowfall where hardly anyone else is around. Breathing the crisp air, seeing the falling snow highlighted in the street lamp's glow, looking back and seeing that the only tracks belong to your own path... It's one of those peaceful, miraculous little moments where everything seems perfect.

18.0″ x 24.0
French Paper, Construction, Whitewash
3-color screen print

Meet Corey Sweeter

Champlin, Minnesota USA

What do you get when you channel the unleashed creative energies of a former cubicle dwelling business professional turned stay-at-home father of two with copious amounts of coffee, the unyielding comfort of sweat pants and a reputation for sometimes drawing burly beards and tattoos? A freelance illustrator, with nary a burly beard or tattoo of his own, who's self-taught style has sometimes been referred to as quirky, and who writes his bios in 3rd person.

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Back Story

design process image
Less Beer, More Peace

The majority of my previous poster work has been beer-related, which I love, but can be hard to justify clearing wall space to hang in our childrens' room. So, I decided early on to create this image, with its figurative and literal representation of peace, in honor of my kids and a sentiment that I'd like to see more of in the world for their sake.

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Mullet FTW

What are people most surprised to learn about me?  That I'm self-taught and started illustrating just within the last few years. Oh, and that I had a mullet as a head-banging teenager in the late eighties. It's really a tossup between the two.

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Thumbs Up From The Fam

My inspiration comes from following the work of our uber-talented Twin Cities artistic community, from the thumbs up I (mostly) get from my family when I'm creating something new, from coffee and beer (and sometimes coffee beer) and from an ever-present musical soundtrack playing in our house.