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Safety First

About this Poster

I wanted to create an image of an animal wearing a helmet while biking. A helmet is a protective shell for your head, so I immediately thought of a turtle. Then it just made sense that he would remove his shell and place it on his head.

18.0″ x 24.0
French Paper, Pop-Tone, Gumdrop Green
2-color screen print

Meet Phil Jones

Minneapolis, Minnesota USA

As a creative, I work really hard to connect with people through my work. I rarely stand next to people as they view my work so it is important that all my creations speak for themselves. All I really care to do is entertain people with clever thinking or give them a different way of seeing the world.

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Back Story

design process image
Productive Screw-Ups

I always start with a piece of paper and a pencil. I am able to quickly screw up all my lines and correct them without any love for the form. 

design process image
Layers of Laughs

Once I get a decent look for my character, I scan that image and get to work inking in the computer, where I usually layer on even more jokes or hidden pieces and it truly gets finished.

design process image
All About the Experience

I love riding my bike everywhere. I believe it is the best way to experience a city. You get to move at the speed of traffic yet you are able to observe so much more than if you are in a car. I soak in so much more of my surroundings which makes me much better as a creative.