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It Never Gets Old

About this Poster

A while back I had a short spell off bikes due to incident with a car which really knocked my confidence riding through the city. Watching my daughter and her friends learning to ride and the pure joy they were having bombing little hills and splashing through puddles got me back on the bike. In turn this has inspired my poster — it is those little things that can make even the dullest commute or toughest climb worthwhile. It never gets old.

16.5″ x 23.399999618530273
Fabriano Paper, Tiepolo, White
2-color screen print

Meet Pete Locke

Glasgow, Scotland

My work is rooted in a genuine love of the act of drawing, specifically in line and mark-making. Most work starts from observational drawing, then develops contextually and conceptually through curated drawing strategies. Drawings are often drawn and re-drawn many times trying to find that balance between intuitive mark-making, an energetic line and a reasonable amount of detail to communicate whatever I am trying to.

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Back Story

design process image
Drawing Every Day

As a child drawing every day was, like most illustrators, my central motivation in life. Then at age 7 or 8, I went to friend’s house after school and his dad was an illustrator with a studio in the garage. Seeing his studio — the high drawing table, the Bobby Trolley full of pencils and brushes — it instantly became my dream. Especially as he could pop in the house for a biscuit whenever the urge hit.

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Make It Smaller

The way cycling can make wherever you are smaller. Getting from A to B quickly and with the potential to make time to take a look around on the way.

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Made By Pressure

The best advice I’ve ever gotten: "What does pressure make, Pete?… Diamonds!" as told to me (in a broad Sheffield accent) by Dan Benson while sat at the top of a 6ft mini-ramp eyeing up a wall ride on the back wall.