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About this Poster

I rode a track bike when I lived in Minneapolis, and I felt like the actions of riding my bike downtown felt a lot like the actions of a hummingbird— a constant, quick, light, darting movement.

16.0″ x 20.0
French Paper, Construction, Recycled White
2-color screen print

Meet Patrice Soehnlein

Davis, California USA

I'm a graduate student at the University of California, Davis, studying user experience and information design. I enjoy creating collage pieces because I can juxtapose many different ideas and images, discovering fascinating relationships and analogies in the process.

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Back Story

design process image
Animals or Machines

The images I use come from a variety of sources. I "cut out" the images using Adobe Photoshop, a process that takes a considerable amount of time and patience. I also do my best to study the anatomy of what I'm trying to portray (be it animal or machine) so that my configuration of images makes sense.

design process image
In Love With Bikes

I spent one summer working at a bike shop and reinvigorating a junky old cruiser bike. I fell in love the feeling of cycling, and the bicycle as a designed object. The hummingbird in my poster is a collage of bicycle parts. The flower is a collage of bicycle tools.

design process image
Hummingbird Physics

I often feel like a hummingbird when maneuvering through downtown traffic on my bicycle. Downtown cycling requires a lot of stopping, starting, weaving and hovering, which I think of as characteristics of hummingbird flight.