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Racing The Elements

About this Poster

When I thought about creating a winter-themed poster, I immediately gravitated towards the concept of braving the elements. When bad weather is approaching, I look at Accuweather to see what time the weather hits and if I can squeeze in a ride before it arrives.

18.0″ x 24.0
French Paper, Pop-Tone, Sweet Tooth
4-color screen print

Meet Roy Milton 2

Kansas CIty, Missouri USA

I'm an Associate Creative Director at Bernstein-Rein Advertising in Kansas City, Missouri. My award-winning work and experience ranges from small startups to Fortune 100 brands. I'm also a husband and father and of three athletic kids. 

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Back Story

design process image
Made It Home Dry

This poster was inspired by a recent ride where lightning and rain were approaching. As I saw the sky flashing, I began to hear the rain behind me, so I mashed it to get home before it got worse. Made it home dry!

design process image
Vibe Together

I love it when I meet other designers and we vibe together. It inspires collaboration to make magic together.

design process image
Amen To That

People are most surprised to learn that I used to work in full-time ministry.