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Radical Moves

About this Poster

Naturally, our interest in bikes led us to think about the sort of gang we'd want to ride with, so we came up with a gaggle of characters that we'd invite to join our imaginary bike gang. Once we had enough characters to make an ample selection for initiation, we had them all do their best tricks— or "moves" as we like to call them. The dudes with the best moves got to join our gang and were then forever captured in blood, sweat and ink.

18.0″ x 24.0
Domtar Paper, Cougar, Bright White
3-color screen print

Meet Rob Angermueller + Scott Agrimson

San Francisco, California + Portland, Oregon USA

Two buds that like to draw when they're not formally working together on websites or logos. Rob & Scott like bikes, long walks in the forest, ice cold beer and sandwiches. They share an affinity for strange music, scary movies and hanging out in tandem with their wives to talk about outerspace, dinosaurs and time travel.

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Get in touch with Rob Angermueller + Scott Agrimson

Back Story

design process image
Dirty Hands And Heavy Metal

We like to think the best part of our poster is that it was a collaborative effort that lead to staying up late, drinking beer, listening to heavy metal tunes and getting our hands dirty.


design process image
Only The Best

Our overlapping interests are pretty inspirational, which include; karate, heavy metal, Camaros, cut-off jean shorts, and PBR. There are many more, but we can't share them here.

design process image
Done In Tandem

Well, we've never ridden a tandem bike, but I'd like to imagine that's the way we'd come up with our next poster concept.