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Vélo Love

About this Poster

As with most of my work, this poster started with a photograph. In this instance, a photograph of screen printing ink, on-press. I then spent time working the image to a point of near destruction, before creating a custom brush with it. Then I used this to effectively paint the main part of my poster. I love that the image came from the screen printing press, before making its way back there. The rest of the poster was then a fun exercise in typographic design. One of my lesser-known pleasures.

16.5″ x 23.399999618530273
Gmund Paper, Bauhaus Dessau, Weiss
3-color screen print

Meet Rebecca Cleal

Bath, England

I am a photographer and printmaker. I co-founded the White Duck Editions studio 14 years ago, which is where I make my own screen prints. I'm fascinated by the process of recycling an image, over and over again, until I arrive at something new. Taking my photographic images and processing them as screen prints allows me to indulge this fascination, a lot!

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Back Story

design process image
Deep And Glossy

This poster signifies a continuation of photographic-based screen prints that I've been working on for some years. The technique used to separate the image results in a really deep-looking print, which the gloss overprint enhances all the more. I think that's pretty cool.

design process image
Grandparent Inspiration

Perhaps being around my grandparents as a kid made me want to become an artist. They ran a gallery workshop together, and my grandfather was a painter and sculptor. I found what they set out to do, and achieved, very inspirational.

design process image
Making Matters

The best advice I've ever gotten? “It's the making the matters, not the thing you make.”