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We’re All On This Ride Together

About this Poster

Rally Cycling's Creative Director, Sam Wiebe, collaborated with talented illustrator and designer Andy Fitzgerald on the poster's concept. Andy did loads of sketching, tying together normal, everyday activities we love with the lycra wearing speed demons of Rally Cycling. A core part of our brand message is that we can all find health and happiness in our own way. Andy's unique illustration talent shines through on this.

18.0″ x 24.0
French Paper, Pop-Tone, Sweet Tooth
5-color screen print

Meet Rally Cycling / Andy Fitzgerald

Minneapolis, Minnesota USA

Rally Cycling is North America's top Pro Continental cycling team, owned and operated out of Minneapolis. While we aren't busy competing at races around the globe, our mission is to spread a message of health and wellness, reminding our fans and supporters that a healthy, fulfilling life is attainable for us all.

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Back Story

design process image
Moving Through Space

My favorite thing about bikes is the simplicity of the machine, and what it can do for our lives. Anyone who has pedaled a bike knows the feeling of moving through space, propelling yourself through the environment, is like nothing else. More simply put? Running sucks. Biking rules.

design process image
Balanced Colors, Strong Message

The coolest things about this poster is the heartfelt details that Fitzgerald put into each circular panels, the wonderfully balanced mix of colors in each panel, and the strength of the underlying message.

design process image
On The Devil And Details

Not sure if its a piece of advice, but the idea that there is no detail too small, no comb too fine-toothed, when it comes to your work product. The devil's in the details, and the more you can wipe 'em out, the more heavenly that final product will be!