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Commuter Girl

About this Poster

The poster design is a play on the word "commuter" using the bicycle as a form of transport to travel to work but instead of wearing work clothes, my illustration is riding work clothes so the bike is exchanged for glasses and the drop bar is replaced by an umbrella.

15.75″ x 19.700000762939453
G.F Smith Paper, Colorplan, Candy Pink
3-color screen print

Meet Rebecca Kaye

Edinburgh, Scotland

I'm an illustrator and designer based in Edinburgh with a love of bright colours and geometric shapes. I have created work for the likes of Channel 4, V&A, and Vulpine. My personal work has been featured in magazines and blogs such as The Guardian and Creative Review as well as being sold in places from Urban Outfitters and Oliver Bonas to independents including Colours May Vary and the Red Door Gallery.

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Back Story

design process image
Her Version

This was one of the first cycling related images I ever created but it was a male cyclist so I wanted to create a female version too and this is it.

design process image
Wishing To Illustrating

It was always something I wanted to do but was largely a “I wish I was an illustrator” whilst I did various other jobs and freelanced in the evening. I’m happy to say that hard work and perseverance finally paid off and my illustration work grew and I left my day job to pursue graphics and illustration full time.

design process image
Everything About Bikes

I love everything about bikes from their design and shape to the vast array of paint jobs that enhance their personality but most of all I love to ride them. My favourite cycles are escaping the city and travelling to the north of Scotland where the roads are quiet and the scenery takes your breath away as much as the hills.