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Here and Now

About this Poster

In 2007, I rode my bicycle from Frankfurt to Lisbon, a 2+ month ride covering 1500+ miles. Here and Now became my mantra, to soak up every moment in life and to stay in the present. This has since not only become my mantra while biking long distances, but in life in general.

18.0″ x 24.0
French Paper, Dur-O-Tone, Butcher Off-White
3-color screen print

Meet Rich Rodgers

Denver, Colorado USA

I have been lucky enough to have bike toured through 12 different countries and 5 different states. With all of the time I spend on design and the busyness of traveling, I tend to keep my life simple. Funny enough, I think this simplicity comes out in my work as well.

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Back Story

design process image
Welcome To Colorado

Years later, while planning for an epic ride through the San Juan Mountains, I designed this as a homage to my mantra and my home state. The type is in the iconic wooden sign that welcomes travelers to Colorado, and the map in the background is of the Centennial State.

design process image
Equal Parts Personal and History

I had a photographer friend shoot my bike all loaded up. From this this photo, I created the bike in a single color. The sign and type were created from photos of the wooden Welcome to Colorful Colorado sign. And being a lover of old things, the map was simply a scan from a 1947 atlas.

design process image
What's Next?

When I am not working, I am usually biking. All of the time spent in the saddle lets me think about my next design.