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Sunset Rider

About this Poster

The design of this poster was inspired by evening rides along the sloping banks of the Mississippi, cruising by the mid-century homes that dot the rolling landscape. There's something beautifully bike-like about the clean lines and elegant curves that compose the structure of those houses.

18.0″ x 24.0
French Paper, Pop-Tone, Grapesicle
3-color screen print

Meet Studio Day Job

Minneapolis, Minnesota USA

I'm an East Coast brat originally from the City of Brotherly Love, schooled in Charm City and now putting down roots in the Midwest. I've got a passion for bikes, B├ęzier curves and the outdoors.

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Back Story

design process image
Off To A Hot Start

Forgive the sports metaphors...but after years of watching the poster-making world from the stands, I finally decided to get off the bench and put myself in the game. This is one of my first printed posters, but it's certainly not the last!

design process image
When In Doubt, Campfire

What inspires me? Besides being surrounded by a community of passionate peers who never stop improving and perpetually raise the bar? Taking time to get out of my busy city life and spend a few nights staring into the rhythmic glow of a campfire.

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100% Endorsed

The best idea I ever had while riding a bike was to spend less time thinking and more time making.