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Make Your Own Luck

About this Poster

I started writing “make your own luck” in leaving cards that circulated our office. I feel like bikes give you that freedom to carve your own path.

16.5″ x 23.399999618530273
G.F Smith Paper, Colorplan, Natural
2-color screen print

Meet Sam Ellis

London, England

I’m a Midlands-born, London-based Illustrator passionate about the visual communication of ideas. By day I’m an architectural illustrator and by night I explore the worlds of hand drawn pen and ink drawings, trying to find the truth with a single line.

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Back Story

design process image
Retro Relic

I used my own bmx for reference when drawing, and it’s a bit of a retro relic so it’s nice to have it forever immortalised in print as I’m not sure it’ll last much longer!

design process image
Individuality And Freedom

I’m a massive fan of the individuality bikes provide, not only in their design but the personal freedom of just setting off for a spin and exploring new corners of London.

design process image
One True Line

A high school art teacher, Mr. Radbourne, taught me to commit to pen the line that 100 sketch lines allude to. That there is always one true line that best articulates a curve. That’s idea has stayed with me through all my years of hand drawing.