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Boom Box

About this Poster

This is a depiction of true events, as seen by me, on the third of August 1986. I was nine years old living in Venice Beach, California with my mother, step-father and dog, Black Jack. I have been forever changed since that day.

18.0″ x 24.0
French Paper, Construction, Recycled White
3-color screen print

Meet Stephen Haynes

Irwin, Pennsylvania USA

My work has been shown in both the den and dining room of my own house, and was once said to have been displayed at the very top of my mother's refrigerator. I teach bi-weekly art history classes to my two small children while they ignore me completely and play video games.

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Back Story

design process image
Jubilation and Dread

I tried my best to recreate the sense of jubilation and dread at seeing a gigantic bicycle being powered by an astronaut and carrying a human-sized chicken. I stuck with what I know and used my preferred method of conveyance, brush and ink to capture the spectacle.

design process image
Do Something Cool

Bikes are hard to draw, but fun to ride. I spend most of my days working as art director for the magazine Bicycle Times, where I get to look at all sorts of cool and inspiring things that people are doing with bikes. This in turn, inspires me to do something cool.

design process image
With a Boombox

I think the coolest thing about my poster is the human-sized chicken.