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Snow Beacon

About this Poster

Inspired by night biking, I wanted to capture the feel of a winter evening ride down a white greenway.

18.0″ x 24.0
French Paper, Construction, Nightshift Blue
4-color screen print

Meet Jess Louwagie

Minneapolis, Minnesota USA

Minneapolis based graphic designer, focused on websites, web applications, and brand building. I designed logos, identity systems, websites and custom software applications for orgs/businesses of any size. I also love designing posters, graphics for clothing, and solving problems though design.

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Back Story

design process image
Always A Good Idea

In college one evening I decided to ride over to a girl’s house to introduce myself instead of going home. I had previously hesitated to talk to her (out of shyness) — now she’s my wife. Today biking is a great place to get a workout, clear stress and get the synapses firing — often producing great inspiration.

design process image
Printing Winter

This design uses metallic silver as the base ink to help convey some of the reflective qualities of a fresh snow and printing on dark paper provides great opportunity to play with negative space and figure/ground relationships. I really wanted to combine clean geometric shapes of the bike and its rider with dot patterns for texture, and more organic illustration for the trees and snow accents.

design process image
Creating With The Next Generation

I love everything about design and am constantly noticing the small details in daily life — things that are great, and things that could be better. Growing up I spent most of my free time drawing, and art has been a constant in my life. Now with two kids, there is nothing I enjoy more than creating with them.