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About this Poster

The process started with research into Mr. Merckx and his legendary career. Then came the hunt for the right images to inspire the art. I needed to find images that could be used as reference for me to build and create the face, the mountain, the skulls, the table setting...

18.0″ x 24.0
French Paper, Kraft-Tone, Index Off-White
2-color screen print

Meet Scott Shore

Minneapolis, Minnesota USA

I have been knee deep in bikes (riding, racing, collecting, lusting for...) and design for 20+ years. So, why not make bike related design? It was always going to happen. Posters, yes but also team kits, custom jerseys, t-shirts, web sites, water bottles... anything in the world of bikes, I am happy to add my design style to the project.

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Back Story

design process image
By the Hour

There were about 15 versions of the poster to get the images and layout to work in a way that felt right to me. The hours? I would not really want to know, but a lot.

design process image
Merckx, Table For One

I think the coolest thing about the poster is the juxtaposition of the young, fresh-faced Eddy and table setting with the trail of skulls that lead to the top of the Alpe d'Huez.

design process image
A Long String of Bikes

I have been into bikes since I was a kid. The BMX quarter pipe lived in the driveway and the dirt trails were not far away. I graduated to mountain biking in college and have now drifted into a long string of bikes that keep me rolling. All the riding, the types of bikes, and the people that ride them have inspired many creative directions.