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Girl With the Blue Ponytail

About this Poster

"Cyklisticke Jezera" is Czech, which loosely translates to "Bike the Lakes," a phrase my family often used. This image captures a magical memory, when my parents first brought the family to Minneapolis from our home town of New Prague. I stepped out of the Dodge Caravan on the south side of Lake Calhoun just as the girl with the blue ponytail pedaled by. I would never be the same.

18.0″ x 24.0
French Paper, Dur-O-Tone, Newsprint Extra White
3-color screen print

Meet Sam Soulek

Minneapolis, Minnesota USA

Multidisciplinary Designer & Brand Builder, Family Man, Fly-fisher, Snowboarder, Runner, Fixed-Gear Biker, Jesus Freak, Performer of Feats of Strength.

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Back Story

design process image
Mid-Century Matchbooks

Mid-century European matchbook covers inspired the style of this poster. Because of their small size, imagery and type was often simplified, to communicate an idea in an instant. The rudimentary screen-printed style was a necessity of printing on such a small canvas. I took visual cues from these matchbook covers and applied them to an important biking memory of mine, culminating in a piece of art that prompts the viewer to "Bike the Lakes" to experience the magic I first felt.

design process image
No Vector Mods

No Photoshop editing or Illustrator vector modifications were used to create the distressed texture on this art. The textures were created by the use of photocopying my clean line work several times and scanning it. This gives the final art a more natural feel, reminiscent of the vintage matchbook covers.

design process image
Joe And Black Swan

I’ve ridden many kinds of bikes throughout my life from BMX to 10-Speed to mountain to road to fixed gear. Currently I ride two bikes most often. “Joe” is my everyday commuter road bike. My other and most cherished bike is named “Black Swan.” She’s a beautiful black-framed, fixie-cruiser with silver Deep-V wheels, white tires, handmade brown leather handgrips, chrome racing fork, and gold wheel spoke nipples. She sees no rain or harsh riding conditions; only the perfect day to ride.