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Self-Portrait Of A Bike Commuter

About this Poster

The goal with this poster was to create the simplest, most human symbol of the democracy of the bicycle. I don’t really care about the fetish of the bicycle itself. For me, the beauty and potency of a bicycle is how this simple, self-powered tool elevates and embraces our humanity, asking for little in return except two strong legs.

18.0″ x 24.0
French Paper, Construction, Cement Green
3-color screen print

Meet Dan Ibarra

Minneapolis, Minnesota USA

I'm a graphic designer, printmaker, educator, writer, type designer, and founder/custodian of Thriving Concern. From 1999 through 2016 I was co-founder of Aesthetic Apparatus — a commercial art and printmaking studio which played an integral role in the 21st Century American poster art revival. I've taught graphic design and printmaking at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design and Augsburg College, as well as founding my own in-studio art school intervention, Schoolhaus.

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Back Story

design process image
Ideas Will Find You

This poster was conceived through a haphazard session of meaningless, wandering sketching wherein I inexplicably drew a bunch of grapes falling out of a bike helmet. Momentarily reflecting on the dumbest thing I'd ever sketched, I realized the abstracted helmet resembled the toe of a boot. From there the concept flooded in — boot + leg + another leg + one pant leg rolled up = my daily commute. The moral of the story; sketch with chaos and reckless abandon, and the new ideas will find you.

design process image
Artifacts Of The Future

I am constantly inspired by the ephemeral objects and moments. The physical and cultural refuse of our past and present are the priceless archeological artifacts of our near and distant futures.

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If That Floor Could Talk

One time I slept on Shepard Fairey’s floor.