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The Getaway II

About this Poster

There are so many ways to escape on your bicycle, some more urgent than others. I wanted to create a poster that commands further inspection of the imagery. A small character ripping through an enormous aspen patch, with eyes watching and indifferent, as the character escapes.
This is a second edition printing of this poster.

17.25″ x 23.0
French Paper, Speckletone, Madero Beach
3-color screen print

Meet Moon Light Speed

Denver, Colorado USA

I operate under the handle Moon Light Speed. I illustrate and print all of my work by hand out of my home studio in Denver, Colorado. My experience with screen-print design is rooted in the DIY ethic originating back to making merch for crappy punk bands in high school. Most of my client work is for musicians, creating concert posters, album artwork, t-shirts and general, but I also work in many other arenas. 

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Back Story

design process image
All Gold, No Gimmick

I don't often use metallic inks in my prints, I tend to find them gimmicky, but when used properly for the right purpose I absolutely love them. With this print, depending on how the light hits the golden leaves and where you are standing, the shine and reflection on that metallic gold can be really beautiful.

design process image
Good Idea

The best idea I've ever had on a bike? Watch out for that car.

design process image
Inspiration All Over

Everything is inspiring! Emotions, experiences, human and animal behavior, the way clouds roll over the front range of the rocky mountains and settle into the plains of the midwest, dreams, horror movies. I'm a pretty impressionable person and act like a sponge to soak up tons of content through exposing myself to a lot of different stuff.