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The Yeti’s Favorite Mode of Transport

About this Poster

Cryptozoologists have struggled for years to determine what the Yeti likes to do in his free time. I like to think that he rides from mountain to mountain on his bicycle visiting friends and family.

18.0″ x 24.0
French Paper, Pop-Tone, Berrylicious
3-color screen print

Meet Benjamin Bowes


I’ve been drawing ever since I can remember. Periodically, I think about pursuing illustration as a career but in some ways I think it would ruin it for me. In the mean time, I spend my days working as a User Experience designer creating software and products for people all over the globe. When I’m not working I’m eating way too much food, hiking, camping, snowboarding, endlessly searching for the perfect show on Netflix, and of course, riding my bike.

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Back Story

design process image
Connected To The World

I can’t say that I’ve had any brilliant ideas while riding a bike. It doesn’t necessarily factor into my creative process but it is one of my favorite ways to get around town. I feel more connected and engaged with the world around me when I’m riding a bike.

design process image
Trying Out New Stuff

I used a bunch of new techniques in Illustrator to create a linocut look and feel for the poster. Achieving that look was really challenging and required a bunch of custom brushes to make it come to life.

design process image
Love Of Making

I get inspired by the people around me and the experiences that I have in daily life. I always love to make things for people and often find myself lacking inspiration unless I’m making something for someone else.