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About this Poster

As kids, locking bikes together was a sign of friendship. We fall in love with cycling which takes us on many adventures and binds us as a community. Eventually we fall in love with a partner we want to ride with “until death do us part” and once again have someone to lock bikes together with.

This poster is the third edition of a poster originally created for our 2014 Minneapolis Show.

18.0″ x 24.0
French Paper, Construction, Grout Grey
4-color screen print

Meet Todd Zerger

St. Paul, Minnesota USA

As a creative director, I employ my small brain thinking about big ideas and my big mouth talking about small details. I knew I wanted to work in art and design in Junior High School and have pursued it ever since. The adventure took my from northern to southern California and eventually all the way to Minnesota. What can I say…I’m livin’ the dream.

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Back Story

design process image
Life As An Adventure

I'm inspired by approaching life as an adventure. Also, wonderful design, science, architecture, nature, smart people, compelling ideas.

design process image
Free In The Mountains

The Santa Monica Mountains where I learned to mountain bike and felt the freest I’ve ever felt.

design process image
A Design Problem Well-Solved

I think artists and designers love bikes because they are beautiful, functional, personal. Bikes embody the very essence of a design problem well solved.