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Proud Papa

About this Poster

Proud Papa was inspired by our son Griffin who was born during the design phase. In fact, the sketches were done in the hospital. The idea is that despite dragging junior along in a bike trailer Dad wins the race with a surge of pride and the energy that being a new father brings.

18.0″ x 24.0
French Paper, Construction, Pure White
3-color screen print

Meet Todd Zerger

St. Paul, Minnesota USA

As a creative director, I employ my small brain thinking about big ideas and my big mouth talking about small details. I knew I wanted to work in art and design in Junior High School and have pursued it ever since. The adventure took my from northern to southern California and eventually all the way to Minnesota. What can I say…I’m livin’ the dream.

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Back Story

design process image
Idea After Idea

I usually go through five or six ideas – drawing in my sketchbook, testing thoughts on the computer, searching for inspiration. There are a lot of late nights designing followed by some long days and late nights printing the posters myself in my studio. I love the hands-on part and take pride in having created the prints myself from start to finish.

design process image
Just Like Home

This special edition is screen-printed in three custom mixed blue inks, hand printed by me on French Paper 110 lb. Smart White cover. This edition includes the Minneapolis skyline as seen from the iconic Stone Arch Bridge which symbolizes the home of ARTCRANK.

design process image
Art You Can Ride

I got my first bike when I was about five, fell in love with riding, and never stopped. I have ridden to every school I’ve attended and all but one job (which was 80 miles away). Cycling represents my connection to adventure, and bicycles are also beautiful works of art in their own right that inspire me.