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About this Poster

I love vintage posters, and I looked at a lot of French and American cycling advertisements from the 1920s as inspiration for this.

18.0″ x 24.0
French Paper, Kraft Tone, Parcel Wrap Kraft
2-color screen print

Meet Laura Collins

SW Connecticut, USA

My mission is to create joyful art and design — little things that catch your eye and make you smile. Most of my work is inspired by organic shapes and forms found in nature, which I prefer to explore by bicycle. I am an illustrator, designer, and ceramist.

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Back Story

design process image
Amazing Women On Bikes

I get super-inspired by women on bikes, just doing their thing. When I lived in the midwest I helped run a women's mechanics workshop at the local bike co-op. Living in the northeast, I am meeting a lot of women who race — road, mtb, cyclocross. It's seriously amazing!

design process image
Victorian Meets Cannondale

The design motifs on the Victorian houses in the background are taken from real houses in the New England town where I live. The bike geometry is based on a Cannondale Synapse.

design process image
No Love Like Bike Love

I met my life partner at a Bike Co-op Fundraiser, and asking him to dance was definitely the best idea I've ever had. On a daily basis biking is super important to my creative process — riding clears out all the junk thoughts and lets the good ones shine through.