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Velodrome Riders

About this Poster

I really wanted to do something simple. With the upper half of the riders cropped out, it makes for a much more open-ended story. Rather than a rigid, pre-fabricated scene, in this illustration viewers get a snapshot of a moment they can take in their own direction.

24.0″ x 18.0
French Paper, Pop-Tone, Sweet Tooth
4-color screen print

Meet Nehemiah Nesheim

St Paul, Minnesota USA

I am an illustrator and designer living and working in St. Paul, Minnesota. I am a graduate of MCAD and avid bike rider. I spend most of my free time sketching, exploring the city, and coming up with ideas of new things to draw.

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Back Story

design process image
Outside The Zone

I think it's cool that the image is made up of blocks of solid colors, rather than just lines. Again, this is very much outside my comfort zone, so I am excited to showcase this new piece of art. 

design process image
Cruising And Creating

I honestly get a lot of ideas when I am on my own just riding around for fun. When I ride, I multitask. Part of me is relaxed and cruising along, another part of me is creating illustrations, designs, and story lines in my head. I’d say the best idea was just to go biking in the first place. 


design process image
Inspiration Everywhere

I am heavily inspired by my environment. The parks, architecture and people I encounter every day in the city give me many of my ideas. Additionally, I’ve found that some of my greatest inspiration comes from time spent on the Grand Rounds bike trail. If you look close enough and pay attention, there is inspiration everywhere around you.