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About this Poster

My design was inspired by all the times I pushed myself up the mountain and was rewarded with incredible views of mountains, oceans, vast clouds, and expansive forests.

18.0″ x 24.0
Domtar Paper, Cougar, White
3-color screen print

Meet Kristina Wayte

Seattle, Washington USA

I am an illustrator, mountain biker and outdoor enthusiast. I was exposed to an artistic lifestyle when I was young and have since expanded and refined my craft. My style has evolved in each chapter of my life and I continually grow with it. 

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Back Story

design process image
Colors Of The Day

I am inspired by film, art, music, my twin, and mountain biking. I love observing different color palettes, composition and lighting, and how they are used to increase the storytelling in an image. I especially love the way the colors change throughout the day, dusk is my favorite palette. 

design process image
Big Happy Clouds

Since moving to Seattle, I fell in love with the Olympic National Forest. The Brothers are clearly silhouetted on the left in the image. I had the most fun designing the clouds in the sky. There is something magical about large puffy clouds moving across the sky during sunset and I wanted to capture that.


design process image
Riding Into The Light

Riding is a huge influence on my work. Mountain biking has a special way of diverting all your energy into one place and working in fluidity with it. I especially love riding on a foggy day when suddenly a beam of light shines through the forest and highlights a small section and within minutes, it is gone.