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Jack & Jill of Hearts

About this Poster

“Love is the game that turns the wheels of human industry.” There were plenty of metaphors that came to mind as I pondered this quote but I realized that for many of us, love is turning the wheels of our hearts and bicycles.

18.0″ x 24.0
French Paper, Muscletone, Sweet Tooth
3-color screen print

Meet Wattle & Daub

Minneapolis, Minnesota USA

Wattle & Daub is a creative studio run by Brant Day in his spare time. Its purpose: take over the world with fun, humor, and creativity.

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Back Story

design process image
Cards and Parts

The poster design was created through a series a sketches using vintage playing cards and bicycle parts as inspiration. Once the sketch was finalized it was taken into Illustrator and the line work and coloring work was done with vector tools.

design process image
Got The Look

The idea for this poster came while riding a bike and watching a man and a woman give each other the “you look good” glance as they rode by. Much like in the playing cards that were used as inspiration, the items in the poster have a special and significant meaning to the love story between the two people represented.

design process image
Getting Back to Nature

I have fond memories of mountain biking in every state I’ve lived in. In Georgia with the dogwood trees. In New Mexico with all the tire goo and thorns. In Minnesota with the random patches of sand along the river trails. In Idaho when I came face to face with a moose. Love it all.