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We Roll at 45 RPM (2-piece set)

About this Poster

(This is a 2-piece set, each poster measures 16" x 12") These prints encapsulate everything I love about living around Washington, DC: Family, cats and dogs, the beautiful city with a rich tradition of music and biking!

16.0″ x 12.0
French Paper, Construction, Cement Green
3-color screen print

Meet Rockets are Red

Rockville, Maryland

Jeffrey Everett / Rockets are Red creates limited-edition, award-winning posters, art prints, and design for companies, galleries, and good people around the world.

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Back Story

design process image
All the Important Stuff

The cat is my kitty Chloe. There are at least three Bouncing Souls records in that bin up front. The woman on the bike is the love of my life, and of course she is wearing Chucks.

design process image
From Sketch to Luscious

This started off as a sketch of my wife as she posed on a bike at the beach I then scanned that sketch and worked on it in Illustrator, layering colors, adding shadow and line work, and using enough half-toning to crash my computer. From there, the good people of Triple Stamp Printing created luscious screen prints!

design process image
Start 'em Young

Right now, biking is an activity I can share with my kids. I love to see them growing, learning, and getting better on their own bikes!