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The Matrix is a perfect film, and in particular I always loved the shot of Morpheus' sunglasses with the reflection of his outstretched hands in each lens.

16.0″ x 20.0
French Paper, Glo Tone, Red Light
3-color screen print

Meet Will Geddes

San Francisco, California USA

I'm a human person, and I enjoy a variety of human (and non-human) activities, not the least of which is eating ice cream.

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Back Story

design process image
Colors That Vibrate

I intentionally chose colors that vibrate when put together. We did a bunch of test prints and there is a whole series before it had a black outline, and they're kind of painful to look at.

design process image
Shocked Into Making

I surround myself with incredibly talented people. That way, I'm crippled by jealousy and envy until it shocks me into creating something of my own.

design process image
A For Effort

I'm the youngest of three brothers. My mom wanted to try one more time for a girl, but c'est la vie.