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The Scenic Route

About this Poster

The narrative for the poster is about the diversity of where a bike can take you—whether it’s the heart of the city, or a magical enchanting forest, a bike can take you almost anywhere.

18.0″ x 24.0
French Paper, Pop-Tone, Blu Raspberry
3-color screen print

Meet Wink


Wink is an internationally recognized, Minneapolis-based strategic brand design company that aspires to create solutions that impact both commerce and culture. Their work is included in the permanent collection of The Chicago Antheaum Museum, the Library of Congress, and the Cooper Hewitt National Design Museum. Designers Jenny Moran, Tim Cronin, and Scott Thares worked on this poster.

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Back Story

design process image
Passionate People Rule

We’re inspired by passionate people. When they’re losing their shit over design, music, or whatever, that energy is tangible and translates to inspiration.

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Great, Now We're Hungry

The best idea had while riding a bike: peanut butter, Nutella and syrup on waffles. Freakin’ delicious.

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Office Dress Code

On almost any given day, the team at Wink will have matching outfits without getting the plaid memo.