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One Night In Minneapolis

About this Poster

Having spent a year and a half in the USA and developed new friendships, language skills, as well as a new life style, experienced many cultural differences. With the stress this caused, Xiaojie feels that She is like the Little Prince who traveled to the other planets and met different people, at the same time, missing his own B612 planet. That was the reason she created some works relating to this subject matter.

18.0″ x 24.0
Watercolor Paper
4-color screen print

Meet Xiaojie Liu

Minneapolis, Minnesota USA

Two years ago, I left China and started to study in the USA. Living in the new cultural and social environment, my original sense of identity started undergoing changes and is being reformed. In this work, I tried to present Minneapolis from a personal perspective.

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Back Story

design process image
Details And Movements

I am an illustrator. I drew so many people in my work, and viewers can see many details and movements of these people narratively.

design process image
Writing And Painting

I’ve loved painting and drawing since I was a little girl. I was also very good at writing Chinese after I grew up. Therefore, when I chose what I want to do, I guess only illustration can combine writing and painting.

design process image
A Mentor's Advice

My mentor advised me to paint my work simply. That can make viewers focus on the main part of my work immediately.